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Four Fourteen invites you to challenge your creativity! How many combinations you can make to you can make to get the number fourteen? The answer is under this fun card game title. You can train your brain as you have lots of fun! What you should do is to descend the stairs of the high castle of cards one by one and leave no card behind! If you are up for this challenge, then let the game begin!

Add up to fourteen!

Clear the cards

Combine the cards till they add uo to fourteen! Go four fourteen and descend the stairs of the high of the high castle of cards!

Use the stack

Red Carpet

You can combine the numbers with the cards both from the castle and the stack.

Red Carpet


When you finish one side of the castle, you release the red carpet that gives you 400 points.


How it works

As it can be understood from the name of this amazing card game, your objective is to combine the cards that
add up to fourteen. By doing so, you should clear all the cards from the floors and get the points. The cards
can be combined as 2, 3, or even more. The more cards you merge, the higher points you can get. You can use
the stack to see more options. If there is no suitable card to be combined left, the game is over.

There is a certain number of cards that you can use from the stack.


For every combination of cards you make, you earn certain points. These points can vary according to
the number of used cards, their ranks, and places. If you combine 2 cards, you get 10 points.
If you combine 3 or more cards, you can get at least 40 points based on their ranks and places. When
you succeed in clearing one side of the castle, you receive 400 extra points. The number of cards
left in the stack will be added to your total score!

Daily High scores

Player Player Score
gerard1955 1,870

Weekly High scores

Player Player Score
gerard1955 3,200
marleen22 2,750
KamillaH 2,500
AgnesB 2,340
minenme 1,380

All-time High scores

Player Player Score
gerard1955 3,710
Kamilla11 3,640
margit1969 3,630
KamillaH 3,630
gerard1955 3,630
Haubrich.2304 3,430
yollie 3,400
knotje 3,390
KamillaH 3,380
cernolev17 3,350


Win Table

Score Score Bet
   10 20 50
  100+ 1 2 5
  400+ 2 4 10
  700+ 3 6 15
  1000+ 4 8 20
  1400+ 6 12 30
  1800+ 8 16 40
  2200+ 10 20 50
  2400+ 13 26 65
  2700+ 17 34 85
  3100+ 24 48 120
  3400+ 50 100 250
  3600+ 120 240 600